Kush Breath

Indica Dom Hybrid

THC 28%

CBD 0.95%


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OG Kush Breath Strain Overview

OG Kush Breath, an indica-dominant hybrid strain, is renowned for its unique flavour and potent effects. It offers a blend of uplifted moods, positive energy, and deep relaxation, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a strain to unwind or manage a variety of conditions.


The effects of OG Kush Breath are felt almost immediately after exhale, with a gentle lift that enhances your mood and infuses you with positive energy. This cerebral effect gradually intensifies throughout the mind, leaving you in a blissful and slightly unfocused haze.

As your mental state lifts, your body begins to succumb to a profound relaxing effect. This body high leaves you sedated and couch-locked, making it an ideal strain for evening use or during times when you don’t have much on your agenda.

Therapeutic Uses

Due to its potent effects and high THC content, OG Kush Breath is a popular choice among individuals looking to manage various health conditions. It can potentially alleviate chronic stress by promoting a positive and uplifted mental state. The strain’s powerful relaxing properties can also help combat insomnia by inducing a deep and restful sleep.

For those dealing with physical discomforts, OG Kush Breath might be useful in easing cramps and muscle spasms. Its potential to relieve chronic pain makes it a go-to for many individuals seeking natural pain management solutions.

Flavour and Aroma

OG Kush Breath stands out for its exceptional flavour and aroma. On inhale, it presents a fresh nutty vanilla taste that’s complemented by a berry herbal exhale. This flavour profile becomes slightly spicier with each toke, offering a complex and enjoyable tasting experience.

The aroma of OG Kush Breath is equally intriguing, with a blend of herbal, earthy, and nutty scents underscored by a berry overtone. When the nugs are burnt, the aroma becomes more pungent and spicy, further enhancing the sensory experience.

Side Effects

As with most cannabis strains, OG Kush Breath may cause dry mouth and dry eyes, which are the most common side effects. In rare instances, some users might experience a bit of anxiety or mild paranoia, especially if they are new to cannabis or if consumed in large doses.

OG Kush Breath is a potent, indica-dominant strain that promises a unique combination of uplifting cerebral effects and profound body relaxation. Its appealing flavour and aroma, coupled with its potential therapeutic benefits, make it a worthwhile option for experienced users seeking relief from stress, insomnia, and physical discomforts. However, due to its intense relaxing effects, this strain is best enjoyed during leisure time or before bed.


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