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Kush: An Indica-Dominant Nighttime Strain

Kush is a classic strain with a significant indica dominance, making it an excellent choice for nighttime use. It’s known for its calming effects and potent aroma, along with its therapeutic benefits.


This indica-dominant hybrid strain tends to create a powerful calming effect on its users. It is known for inducing feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, often resulting in a couch-lock experience. The effects can last for up to an hour, making Kush a perfect strain for winding down in the evening or before bed.

Flavour and Aroma

Kush features a strong, potent aroma that is a delightful blend of fruity and dank scents. The unique combination makes it a very fragrant strain that often catches the attention of cannabis connoisseurs.

When it comes to flavour, Kush has a sour yet mellow smoke that comes with a fruity undertone. The combination of these flavors makes it an enjoyable strain for those who appreciate a complex tasting experience.

Therapeutic Uses

Given its potent relaxing effects, Kush is often used to help with a variety of mental health issues. It can effectively relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, providing a calming experience that can help manage these conditions.

Because Kush can induce sleepiness, it is often used to help with insomnia. Those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep may find that this strain helps them achieve a more restful night’s sleep.

Additionally, Kush can provide relief from pain, ranging from mild to chronic. The relaxing effects extend to the physical body, helping to ease tension and provide comfort.

Side Effects

Like most cannabis strains, Kush can produce some side effects. Users may experience dry mouth and eyes, which are standard side effects for most cannabis strains. The heavy relaxing effects can also lead to a couch-lock, which might not be ideal for those who need to be active or productive.

Kush is a classic cannabis strain that offers a potent mix of relaxing effects and a complex flavour profile. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, anxiety, or insomnia, or just looking for a strain to help you unwind at the end of the day, Kush may be the perfect strain for you. Remember to consume responsibly and consider your tolerance and the setting before use.


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