Mary Jay Live Diamonds – Crunch Berry


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Product Overview:

Mary Jay Live Diamonds – Crunch Berry is a high-quality cannabis concentrate, noted for its exceptional potency and unique flavor. The product contains pure THCA crystalline, also known as “THCA diamonds” or “THC diamonds,” providing an unparalleled experience for concentrate enthusiasts.

Product Composition:

THCA diamonds are one of the newest and most exciting product categories in the cannabis industry. These diamonds are developed in the presence of a terpene-rich solution, creating a concentrate that may contain 60% more flavourful and aromatic molecules compared to standard shatter or wax products.

Strain Info:

Crunch Berry is the strain behind Mary Jay’s Live Diamonds. Although it’s named after the cereal, it takes on a much more intricate profile than its namesake. It is known for its sweet and slightly spicy berry flavors, with earthy undertones that give it a unique twist.

Usage and Consumption:

The consumption of Mary Jay Live Diamonds – Crunch Berry is versatile. The diamonds can be added to a joint or a bowl, vaporized using an appropriate device, or consumed through dabbing, a process that involves the quick vaporization of cannabis concentrates.

Consumer Experience:

Mary Jay Live Diamonds – Crunch Berry provides an incredibly potent and flavourful experience, setting it apart from other cannabis concentrates. Its terpene-rich composition not only boosts the aroma and flavour but also enhances the overall cannabis experience. Despite its impressive quality and potency, this product remains highly affordable.

This product is packaged in 1g quantities. As always, consume responsibly and start with small quantities, gradually increasing until you find your preferred dosage.

*Different concentrates can be mixed.
**Free concentrate must be in-stock and of equal or lesser value to the lowest concentrate purchased.


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