Mary Jay Diamond Sauce – Birthday Cake Pink (Indica)


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Product Overview:

Mary Jay presents Birthday Cake Pink Diamond Sauce, a top-tier cannabis concentrate developed to offer users an unparalleled potency and flavour experience. This product stands at the forefront of innovative cannabis extracts, emerging as a favorite among consumers who desire an intensely flavourful and potent cannabis experience.

Strain Info:

The Birthday Cake Pink strain is an Indica dominant hybrid, appreciated for its relaxing effects and its sweet, cake-like flavour profile reminiscent of a birthday cake. This strain is often used for stress relief and relaxation, making it a popular choice for evening or nighttime use.

Product Composition:

The Birthday Cake Pink Diamond Sauce is a High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract (HCFSE), consisting of a balanced 50/50 mix of THCA Crystals and Terp Sauce. THCA Crystals contribute to the product’s high potency, while the Terp Sauce is packed with aromatic terpenes, enhancing the flavour and overall sensory experience.

Manufacturing Process:

Mary Jay’s Diamond Sauce boasts a typical cannabinoid purity of 80% – 95%, indicating a significantly high concentration of cannabinoids. This high potency cannabis extract is exceptionally rich in aromatic terpenes, which can be present at levels up to 60% higher than in traditional shatter or wax products.

Usage and Effects:

Given the product’s high potency, it is recommended to approach this product with caution, especially for those new to cannabis concentrates. The effects are expected to be powerful, mirroring the relaxing and stress-relieving effects associated with the Birthday Cake Pink strain.


Birthday Cake Pink Diamond Sauce is provided in a user-friendly container, designed for easy access while minimizing potential mess.

Consumer Experience:

For consumers who prioritize both flavour and potency in their cannabis products, Mary Jay’s Birthday Cake Pink Diamond Sauce is an excellent choice. This product stands as a testament to the progress of cannabis extraction techniques, delivering a potent and flavour-filled experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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