Mary Jay Diamond Sauce – King Louie XIII


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Product Overview:

Mary Jay introduces the King Louis XIII Diamond Sauce, an unrivalled cannabis concentrate renowned for its impressive potency and unique aroma. This High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract (HCFSE) is a favorite among connoisseurs seeking a high-terpene, high-potency product.

Product Composition:

King Louis XIII Diamond Sauce is a perfectly balanced blend of 50% THCA Crystals and 50% Terp Sauce. This potent extract typically possesses a cannabinoid purity ranging between 80% and 95%. The product is exceptionally high in aromatic terpenes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a powerful and flavourful experience.

Strain Info:

King Louis XIII is the strain that forms the basis of Mary Jay’s Diamond Sauce. Known for its powerful relaxation effects, King Louis XIII has a distinct piney aroma with a subtle hint of earthiness. This strain is often chosen to help with sleep problems and to alleviate stress.

Usage and Consumption:

Known by other names such as Terp Sauce, Diamonds, or simply Sauce, Mary Jay’s King Louis XIII Diamond Sauce can be consumed in a number of ways. It can be added to a joint or bowl, vaporized, or consumed via dabbing.

Consumer Experience:

Due to its exceptional terpene content, potentially 60% or more than standard shatter or wax products, consumers can anticipate an intensely flavourful and aromatic experience with King Louis XIII Diamond Sauce. Despite its superior quality and potency, this product remains very affordable, catering to all cannabis enthusiasts.

As with all cannabis products, especially those with high potency, usage should be approached with caution. It’s recommended to start with small amounts and gradually increase until you find your preferred dosage.

*Different concentrates can be mixed.
**Free concentrate must be in-stock and of equal or lesser value to the lowest concentrate purchased.


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