Mary Jay Shatter – Green Crack (Hybrid)


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Product Overview:

Mary Jay’s Green Crack Shatter is an impressive hybrid cannabis concentrate recognized for its solid, glass-like structure and potent effects, making it a favorite within the cannabis community.

Product Composition:

Our Green Crack Shatter is high-grade concentrate that maintains a glass-like consistency, even at room temperature, thanks to our rigorous production process. It’s purified through a thorough 105-hour purge, with the slabs flipped numerous times to ensure stability and transparency. The outcome is a golden, flavour-filled shatter of superior quality.

Strain Info:

Green Crack is a popular hybrid strain that’s known for its invigorating effects. Despite its name, Green Crack is purely cannabis derived. The strain is characterized by a tangy, fruity flavour redolent of mango, making it an enjoyable choice for users seeking a powerful, sativa-dominant hybrid.

Usage and Consumption:

Green Crack Shatter can be consumed in several ways. It can be added to a joint or a bowl, vaporized, or dabbed, offering versatility to suit your preferences.

Consumer Experience:

Mary Jay’s Green Crack Shatter offers an intensely flavourful and potent experience due to its high-quality nature and the rich terpene profile of the Green Crack strain. We provide a high-quality, potent, and yet very affordable product for cannabis enthusiasts. As with all cannabis products, especially those with high potency, consumption should be approached with caution, especially for beginners or those with a low tolerance. It’s recommended to start with small amounts and gradually increase until you find your preferred dosage. Each package contains 1 gram of premium shatter.


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