MK Ultra


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Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 25%

CBD – 0.70%

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MK Ultra Ounce Deal – Overview

MK Ultra is an Indica-dominant strain known for its intense cerebral effects. Created by crossing the Indica strain G-13 with the Sativa strain OG Kush, MK Ultra delivers a pungent flavor profile that’s a fusion of skunk and earthy tones. Known for its hypnotic effects, this strain is powerful and acts immediately, offering relaxation and calmness that can last throughout the day.

Effects and Experience

MK Ultra provides an intense, hard-hitting experience that can make users feel drowsy and relaxed almost instantly. It’s widely recognized for its hypnotic properties that quickly affect the system, making it a preferred strain for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. Despite its predominantly Indica genetics, MK Ultra also presents a cerebral high, often leading to deep introspection or a powerful sense of tranquility.

Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients often turn to MK Ultra for its potent pain-relieving properties. It can provide relief from a range of pain levels, from mild to chronic, and can be a convenient remedy for those seeking relief. Additionally, due to its calming effects, MK Ultra is frequently used for treating stress and anxiety. The strain’s ability to induce hunger can also be beneficial for patients dealing with appetite loss.

MK Ultra can potentially be used to treat insomnia given its sedative effects, which can promote sleep. However, its cerebral high should be considered, as it may also lead to introspection or mental stimulation in some users.

Flavour and Aroma

MK Ultra presents a strong and pungent flavour that blends skunky and earthy notes. This combination results in a rich and unique tasting experience that can be both intriguing and overwhelming for some users.

8 reviews for MK Ultra

  1. William Dunn (verified owner)

    Definitely not Mk Ultra smells and tastes nothing like it said in the description wouldn’t by this again not worth 100$

  2. Mel Brown (verified owner)

    First time trying and I like it. if available I will buy it again..

  3. david billyard (verified owner)

    Nice , will buy again.

  4. Karen Butten (verified owner)

    Very smooth smoke, excellent body buzz.

  5. Lucas Espinola (verified owner)

    Very relaxing buzz

  6. Orlando Royer (verified owner)

    Very relaxing

  7. duncan smith (verified owner)

    enjoyed this strain very much! will get again! a+

  8. Jordan Snider (verified owner)

    For the cost its pretty good. But id go for another option generally

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