Monopoleaf Gummies 500mg


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Dosage Instructions

Beginners are advised to start with half a piece, which equates to 25mg of THC. Allow between 45 to 90 minutes for effects to become noticeable. Dosage can be adjusted as required.

Package Content

Each pack contains 10 delicious gummies, with each piece carrying 50mg of THC.

Storage and Safety

Store in a cool, dry place to maintain product quality. Always keep out of children’s reach for safety.

Quality Ingredients

Monopoleaf Gummies are crafted with a careful blend of ingredients: Sugar, Lab-tested cannabis THC Distillate, Glucose Syrup, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, and Food Coloring.

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Berry Blue Boardwalk, Cherry Avenue, Watermelon Place, Teddy Bear Place, Wiggle Worm Gardens, Sour Patch Place, Peach Place, Cola Avenue, Strawberry Avenue

24 reviews for Monopoleaf Gummies 500mg

  1. John Edgar (verified owner)

    They taste like weed, not like the flavour described (a tiny hint maybe) – the quality of the high is nice, feels like an Indica high, mellow/couch lock.

  2. brandon Pasta (verified owner)

    Mine were tasty and candy like, my Dad doesnt like the taste of weed but liked these.
    Nice high too

  3. Samantha Mcewen (verified owner)

    A super chill Christmas day! I have never enjoyed cooking so much. These are great. Very strong. Ordered again.

  4. Samantha Mcewen (verified owner)

    The bears were not good, didn’t really feel anything. The sour patch choice is great, they were really good. Wouldn’t recommend choosing the bears.

  5. Steve White (verified owner)

    Taste ok. Buzz is better. Still searching for my favorite …

  6. lily kapler (verified owner)

    i got the watermelon, really strong and tastes ok too. definitely worth it.

  7. Cameron Golding (verified owner)

    I’ve had cherry and sour patch place. The sour was really good. Buzz is awesome. This is the go to edible.

  8. Angel Johnson (verified owner)

    Decent buzz

  9. Angel Johnson (verified owner)

    Cola flavour taste like straight weed imo. But high is ok

  10. Angel Johnson (verified owner)

    The cherry ones so far are my favourite flavour. Keep coming back to these for the price tbh

  11. Courtney MacDonald (verified owner)


  12. Courtney MacDonald (verified owner)

    Good price for great product

  13. Ruqayah Haffejee (verified owner)

    This is my third time ordering these gummies and they are my fav! A great high and lasts a good amount of time.
    Watermelon is the best flavour

  14. Steve Gravestock (verified owner)

    Tastes awful but I get the buzz.

  15. Nick Pascale (verified owner)

    They don’t taste very good but the effects are great, the dosage is perfect for me.

  16. kelvin jung (verified owner)

    Took 2 pieces and it’s been 3 hours. I don’t feel anything. Doesn’t even taste like cannabis at all. First time this has happened with an edible. I think I got a bad batch or the THC amount is uneven throughout the pieces.

  17. Nick Pascale (verified owner)

    Of the 7 flavours, I like the cherry and mixed berries best taste wise that is. These 50mg gummies will mess you up if you’re not used to eating edibles, they are potent if you’re a newbie.

  18. Marcelle Nicastro (verified owner)

    Flavour is good, gr8 effect will defo purchase again!

  19. Sam Mizzi (verified owner)

    Great high. Definitely taste like weed but not terrible.

  20. Glen Kristoffersen (verified owner)

    Great taste with nice high

  21. Connie Smith (verified owner)

    Purchased many of these. Really good!

  22. Tammy Thoms (verified owner)

    Got the worms , teddy bears, big foot and cola the cannabis flavor is strong, but I enjoyed them..

  23. Tammy Thoms (verified owner)

    Good smoke and nice smell. I must say great prices, I am allways satisfied.

  24. Nisha Krishnankutty (verified owner)

    Really good taste

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