Peach Mango

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Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 30.3%

CBD – 0.65%

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Peach Mango Hybrid Strain Overview

Peach Mango is an Indica-dominant hybrid, boasting a ratio of approximately 70:30 Indica to Sativa. This tropical bud is a beacon of good vibes, combining a stimulating yet relaxed high. Known for its long-lasting effects, Peach Mango is the epitome of a tropical escape in a strain.


The Peach Mango high is both warming and uplifting, fostering a positive atmosphere with its enduring effects. Its high begins with a tingly sensation that evolves into a state of pure euphoria, often leaving users with a persistent smile. This strain is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of stimulation and relaxation, making it suitable for various settings and moods.

Flavour and Aroma:

Peach Mango delights with a sweet and fruity flavour profile, dominated by fresh mango and tropical citrus notes. The aroma mirrors the taste, featuring a sugary fruity overtone with hints of spicy, nutty coffee and fresh, earthy herbs. This combination makes for an enjoyable and aromatic experience, reminiscent of a tropical paradise.

Therapeutic Uses:

With its significant THC level, Peach Mango is frequently chosen for its therapeutic potential. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Chronic Stress or PTSD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression or Mood Swings
  • Cramps or PMS
  • Chronic Fatigue

The strain’s unique combination of uplifting and relaxing effects makes it a versatile choice for those seeking relief from a variety of conditions, while also enjoying a delightful flavour and aroma experience.


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1 review for Peach Mango

  1. hedayat sharifi (verified owner)

    Nice high. Will try again.

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