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Pineapple Hash: An Exotic, Mellow Experience – 7 Grams

Delight your senses with our Pineapple Hash, a unique cannabis product that smells and tastes just like ripe pineapple! This pressed hash offers a delicious smoke, significantly less harsh on the throat than regular weed, making your smoking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Potency: High THC Content for a Mellow Experience

Infused with high THC content, Pineapple Hash delivers a balanced and mellow experience. It’s a naturally flavoured hash that adds a dash of fun to your cannabis consumption. Its high THC content ensures you experience the calming effects without overwhelming the senses.

Composition: Economical and Concentrated

Pineapple Hash is a form of pressed hash that’s concentrated into a resin derived from the marijuana plant’s trichomes. This concentration makes the hash remarkably economical; a small amount goes a long way, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an effective product that lasts longer.

Benefits: Anxiety Relief and Mood Elevation

Pineapple Hash is ideal for those seeking to stimulate their appetite, reduce anxiety, and elevate their mood. Its calming effects can help ease stress and induce a peaceful state of mind, making it a popular choice among users seeking relaxation.

Consistency: Malleable and User-friendly

With a soft, malleable consistency, Pineapple Hash is user-friendly and easy to work with. Its pliability increases when heat is applied, making it a breeze to handle and use.

Taste: A Less Harsh, Delicious Smoke

The pineapple hash offers a delightful smoke that is less harsh on the throat compared to weed. Combined with the high THC content and the delectable, naturally flavoured pineapple taste, it delivers a fun, delicious, and mellow smoking experience.

4 reviews for Pineapple Hash

  1. Gary McAdam (verified owner)

    Never heard of pineapple hash had to try quite tasty nice buzz

  2. Matt Stewart (verified owner)

    Very nice aroma pre and post smoke, not the best hash but not as harsh, fairly smooth.

  3. Christopher Crumb (verified owner)

    I like this a lot. Mellow, great mild taste. Nice effect .

  4. Eric Seidel (verified owner)

    Not bad at all. better than expected

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