Pink Death Star

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THC – 29.5%
CBD – 0.20%

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Pink Death Star Strain Overview

Pink Death Star is a potent 100% Indica strain that’s a result of crossbreeding the powerful Death Star with the well-regarded Blood Rose. This strain is revered for its hard-hitting effects and its rich, complex aroma.

Effects of Pink Death Star

Pink Death Star’s effects can be overwhelming for novices or occasional users due to its high potency. The high kicks in soon after the final toke, gradually creeping up on you before exerting a forceful grip on your mind and body. This typically evolves into a very stoney state, marked by relaxation and a propensity for physical inactivity or ‘couch-lock.’ Many users find themselves drifting into sleep, especially if they’re not accustomed to potent cannabis strains.

Medicinal Applications

Pink Death Star’s combination of intense relaxation and sedative effects make it a preferred choice for treating a range of medical conditions. It’s often used to manage chronic pain, given its potent physical effects. The strain’s mood-altering properties can also help alleviate depression.

Its powerful sedative quality makes it a go-to choice for those suffering from chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and insomnia. It’s recommended to use Pink Death Star in the late evening or at night due to its sleep-inducing effects.

Flavour and Aroma

Pink Death Star stands out with its unique and aromatic profile. The buds release an aroma of fresh diesel and earthy spice when broken apart, filling the surroundings with a robust scent. Each inhale delivers a savoury combination of spice, fruit, and a hint of earthy diesel, with a savoury exhale to follow.

Pink Death Star is an intensely relaxing and potent Indica strain that delivers a rich flavour and aroma. Its powerful effects make it an excellent choice for medical cannabis users, particularly for those dealing with pain, depression, and sleep disorders. It is also a great option for recreational users seeking a deep, restful sleep or intense relaxation.


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1 review for Pink Death Star

  1. Jodi Stanfield (verified owner)

    Great price and great smoke big buds!!

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