Pink Gelato

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THC – 29%

CBD – 0.70%

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Pink Gelato – Overview

Pink Gelato is a hybrid strain distinguished by its unique aromatic and flavour profile. This strain delivers a blend of sour citrus and spicy pungency in its aroma, which is complemented by undertones of earthy wood. Its flavour further enhances the experience, with a delightful mix of sweet berries, vanilla, and sour citrus.

Effects and Experience

Pink Gelato delivers a high that harmoniously combines cerebral stimulation with body relaxation. The effects start with a gentle mood lift, which activates the mind and induces a sense of euphoria. This cerebral high stimulates creativity and sociability.

This initial uplifting phase is followed by a physical tingle that gradually permeates the body until you’re left feeling completely relaxed and numb from head to toe. The balanced nature of Pink Gelato makes it an excellent choice for users seeking a harmonious blend of mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

Medical Benefits

Given its effects and THC level, Pink Gelato might provide relief from several medical conditions. Its mood-lifting properties might assist in managing chronic stress or anxiety, while the physically relaxing effects could potentially aid in alleviating inflammation, chronic pain, and arthritis. Additionally, the strain’s ability to induce relaxation could potentially help those struggling with insomnia.

Flavour and Aroma

Pink Gelato offers a complex blend of flavours and aromas. Sour citrus and spicy pungency dominate the aroma, while earthy wood notes subtly complement these primary scents. When consumed, Pink Gelato presents a unique blend of sweet berry and vanilla flavours, rounded off with a tangy sour citrus finish.


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2 reviews for Pink Gelato

  1. Mike Hurley (verified owner)

    One of the best tasting strains yet!

  2. Sharlene Reynolds (verified owner)

    Taste is very smooth, the buds are beautiful. The color of the buds looks exotic.

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