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THC – 26%+

CBD – 0.35%


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Pink Truffle Strain Overview

Pink Truffle is a unique strain that stands proud as a 100% pure Indica hybrid. This strain is a rarity in the cannabis community, celebrated for its incredible flavour and aroma. It’s an ideal pick for those who love their Indica with a touch of luxury.

Flavour and Aroma

Prepare your senses for a journey with Pink Truffle. This strain greets you with fresh, sweet berry scents mixed with a strong earthy backdrop – a true delight for the nose. The taste mirrors this with a soothing earthy base, highlighted by spicy floral notes and a hint of diesel. It’s a flavor and aroma profile that’s as complex as it is enjoyable.

Effects and Benefits

The Pink Truffle experience is as delightful as its flavor. The high starts with a cheerful lift that clears the mind and dispels any sour or anxious thoughts, replacing them with a serene expansiveness. This mental clarity is soon accompanied by a gentle, tingling sensation that spreads through the body, easing you into a state of deep relaxation. Expect to find yourself cozily couch-locked and blissfully sedated. With its significant THC level, Pink Truffle is an excellent choice for managing chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms, appetite loss, and stress.

Pink Truffle is as visually appealing as it is effective. Its beauty shines through in its buds, which are expected to have a rich color palette and be adorned with a crystalline layer of trichomes – a testament to its potency and quality.

14 reviews for Pink Truffle OZ

  1. Lucas Espinola (verified owner)

    Really good quality bud

  2. Ben Lockley (verified owner)

    Great buds for the price!

  3. Antonio Camaro (verified owner)

    Top shelf
    Very nice smoke will buy again
    Nice buzz!!

  4. Karen McAllan (verified owner)

    Love this bud!! Great smoke

  5. Jessica Wright (verified owner)

    Tasty bud for a great price!!

  6. Antonio Camaro (verified owner)

    Excellent Smoke, bought it again!!
    Very Nice smoke

  7. Michel Salem (verified owner)

    Tastes and works great well worth it

  8. Nikolai Naraine (verified owner)

    Very dank. Tastes gassy, like a true pink. Definitely great high. Quick too.

  9. Kamla Wong Ken (verified owner)

    Nice vibes, great taste

  10. Justis Squires (verified owner)

    Great quality bud for the price!

  11. Antonio Camaro (verified owner)

    Excellent strain very nice to smoke nice buzz

  12. Meeks (verified owner)

    Dence bud, smells great, chill after feeling. I’ve ordered once but will def order again whenever I see it

  13. Tiago Bernardino (verified owner)


  14. David Day (verified owner)

    Very happy. Nice high grade and great service. Definitely would recommend.

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