Platinum Sour Diesel

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

THC – 28%

CBD – 0.25%

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Platinum Sour Diesel Strain: Uplifting and Energetic

Platinum Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is famous for its powerful effects and memorable flavors. A cross between the potent Sour Diesel and Platinum OG strains, Platinum Sour Diesel offers an experience that isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Flavour and Aroma

With an intriguing flavour profile, Platinum Sour Diesel carries the characteristic sour lemon pine flavour that its parent strain, Sour Diesel, is known for. Upon exhale, you’ll notice a hint of citrus diesel, a unique combination that sets this strain apart. The aroma of Platinum Sour Diesel is equally appealing – pungent with a fuel overtone, and complemented by woody pine and sharp dank citrus as the buds are burned. This strain promises a sensory journey for those who appreciate complex flavors and scents.

The Effects

The effects of Platinum Sour Diesel can be described as a rollercoaster of uplifted feelings and energy. Upon consuming this strain, you’ll experience an onset that’s both quick and hard-hitting, gradually leading to a state of unfocused bliss. You might also notice a slight increase in energy and a tendency towards easy conversation and spontaneous laughter. These effects make Platinum Sour Diesel a good option for social settings, where its giggly and outgoing effects can shine.

However, it’s important to note that due to the strain’s potency, it’s recommended for more experienced cannabis consumers. Novice users or those sensitive to high THC strains may find the effects of Platinum Sour Diesel to be too intense.

Potential Therapeutic Uses

Given its strong uplifting and energetic effects, Platinum Sour Diesel could be beneficial for those dealing with conditions like depression, chronic anxiety, and muscle spasms. It can also alleviate eye pressure and stimulate appetite, making it a potential choice for those dealing with anorexia or appetite loss.

In conclusion, Platinum Sour Diesel is a powerful, flavourful, and aromatic Sativa-dominant strain that offers a quick onset of effects. Its unique blend of uplifting and energy-boosting properties, combined with its potential therapeutic uses, make this strain an excellent choice for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a vibrant and engaging experience. However, its potency suggests that less experienced users should approach with caution. Enjoy the ride with Platinum Sour Diesel!


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