Pot of Gold

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THC – 30%

CBD – 0.15%

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Pot of Gold Strain Overview

Pot of Gold, a gem cultivated by the legendary breeders at Flying Dutchman Seed Company, is an Indica strain that promises more than just a name—it delivers an experience.

Embodiment of Indica Euphoria

Embarking on a journey with Pot of Gold means embracing a potent Indica high characterized by a harmonious blend of euphoria and profound relaxation. While it immerses users into a world of serene laziness, it doesn’t fog the mind. Instead, users revel in a clear-headed clarity where creativity flows effortlessly, albeit from a relaxed and comfortable state.

Functionally Relaxed

Despite its potent Indica effects, Pot of Gold doesn’t tie one down. It offers a state of relaxation where users are functional and can enjoy tasks with a calm disposition. It’s relaxation without the weight of incapacitation.

Therapeutic Goldmine

Where Pot of Gold truly shines is in its therapeutic benefits. It stands as a beacon of relief for those grappling with chronic pain, whether from injury or illness. The strain works wonders against insomnia, guiding users into a peaceful slumber. Its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to alleviate muscle spasms further cement its place as a therapeutic gem.

A Symphony of Flavours

Each bud of Pot of Gold carries with it a sensory delight. Its aroma entices with a blend of floral notes complemented by a sweet undertone and a hint of pungency. On the palate, it presents a tapestry of sweet fruity flavors, rounded off with a contrasting skunky finish.

A Powerful top-shelf strain, that’s colourful and fragrant

Pot of Gold is not just a strain—it’s a promise of tranquility, creativity, and therapeutic relief all encapsulated in a symphony of delightful flavors. Its Indica roots ensure a powerful yet clear-headed experience, making it a treasure for both recreational users and patients seeking solace.



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3 reviews for Pot of Gold

  1. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Thanks to Flying Dutchmen for this strain. Heavy on the Kush ClassicIndica smoke

  2. Julian Lawson (verified owner)

    Not going to lie, this strain is garbage it’s no where near AAAA and these ratings of THC –30% and CBD – 0.15% is misleading because if the strain had these then it would not require me to smoke almost 2 grams just to get a buzz. If the rating is that high i should feel it after 5 mins or so which I still didn’t smoking 2 grams and I am a light weight smoker… YEAH TRULY GARBAGE.. LET’S SEE WHAT THE NEXT STRAIN WITH HIGH RATING DOES.

  3. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Just opened my last can of PoG from September . This batchr was and is classic indica.. No complaints

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