Purple Dream


THC 27%

CBD 0.65%



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Purple Dream: An Indica-Dominant Strain That Gives Creative Spark

Purple Dream, an indica-dominant hybrid, was bred from the potent Blue Dream and Purple Kush strains, both acclaimed in the cannabis world. With its cerebral and euphoric high, this strain is an effective mood-booster and creativity-enhancer.


Purple Dream’s high can be described as a cerebral and euphoric experience that fosters a mood boost and sparks creativity. It offers a balanced high, helping users stay grounded while enjoying the mind-bending effects.

Therapeutic Uses

Purple Dream has multiple therapeutic applications. The strain’s mood-enhancing properties can potentially help manage anxiety and mood disorders, providing an uplifted mental state that may alleviate feelings of stress or worry. It might also be beneficial for individuals suffering from depression, as it could promote positivity and mental well-being.

Moreover, Purple Dream may be an effective choice for those dealing with ADHD. By fostering focus and a creative spark, it could help manage the symptoms of this condition.

In terms of physical discomforts, Purple Dream might help reduce inflammation, potentially providing relief for a range of inflammatory conditions. It may also alleviate migraine headaches and muscle spasms due to its potent relaxing effects.

Flavour and Aroma

Purple Dream delights the senses with its unique taste and smell. The strain carries a delectable taste reminiscent of berries, complemented by floral undertones that provide a refreshing twist. The aroma mirrors this flavour profile with hints of berries, flowers, and a piney note that adds to the strain’s natural appeal.

Purple Dream offers a balanced high that is both cerebral and physically soothing. Its potential to uplift mood and inspire creativity, coupled with its potential therapeutic uses, make it a popular choice for both recreational and medical users. It also offers a delightful sensory experience with its unique flavors and aromas. However, as with any cannabis strain, users should start slow and monitor their reactions, especially if they are new to cannabis or sensitive to its effects.


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