Purple God

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Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 30%

CBD – 1.10%


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Purple God, an exquisite indica-dominant hybrid developed by Chalice Farms, is recognized for its high THC content and enduring body effects, making it a top-notch option for therapeutic applications.

Therapeutic Benefits

Purple God is a highly efficient strain for treating a range of conditions, from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and stress. Its muscle-relaxing effects also make it a desirable option for those struggling with muscle spasms and insomnia. The long-lasting body effects offer profound relaxation and calm, making it suitable for evening use.

Plant Characteristics

Featuring fluffy, spade-shaped buds of a dusty green hue, Purple God is a visual delight. The plant is adorned with vibrant orange hairs and thick frosty amber crystals, signifying its potency and quality.

Aroma and Flavour

Purple God’s aroma is a rich fusion of earthy, pungent, fruity, and spicy notes, making it a delight for the olfactory senses. Its taste profile mirrors its aroma, delivering a harmonious blend of fruity and spicy flavours, accented by herbal notes and a hint of grape.


Purple God is known for its strong and immersive body effects. The high begins with a euphoric boost, introducing a hazy state that might cause a loss of focus. As the high progresses, the body enters a state of deep relaxation. The experience often concludes with the user becoming couch-locked, highly sedated, and ultimately drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

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2 reviews for Purple God

  1. hedayat sharifi (verified owner)

    Very nice potent strain. Will be back for more

  2. Kevin Read (verified owner)

    thick cushy nuggets that expand as you cut em, scissors get gummy quick this one will get you high if you can get this sticky mess of THC to stay put long enough to hit hot fire

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