Purple Moonlight

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THC – 29%

CBD – 0.20%


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Purple Moonlight: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up Strain

Purple Moonlight, a predominantly Sativa strain, is your ticket to a day brimming with energy, creativity, and positivity. Known for its ability to kickstart your day with a vibrant cerebral high, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to alleviate symptoms of ADD/ADHD, depression, and fatigue. It’s no surprise this fruity gem flies off the shelves as soon as it’s available.

Flavour and Aroma

Purple Moonlight is a feast for your senses. The strain is a delight for your nose and tongue, offering a fruity flavour profile that delights even the most discerning of cannabis connoisseurs. Its aroma and flavour are reminiscent of a basket filled with fresh, ripe berries, promising an intoxicatingly pleasant smoking experience.

Energizing Effects

The effects of Purple Moonlight are largely cerebral, stimulating mental activity and encouraging a positive outlook. Upon the first hit, you’ll feel a rush of energy that dispels any lethargy and ushers in a state of alertness. Creatives might find this Sativa strain a great companion for brainstorming sessions or when embarking on artistic endeavours.

Purple Moonlight’s uplifting effects can be therapeutic for those suffering from ADD/ADHD and depression. The energy boost and increased focus could help manage ADD/ADHD symptoms, while the euphoric high can counteract depressive moods.

Moreover, for those battling fatigue, Purple Moonlight can serve as a much-needed pick-me-up. It can provide an energy boost that allows you to stay active and alert throughout the day.

Purple Moonlight is a fruity, energizing strain that promises a day filled with activity and positivity. Its uplifting effects make it an ideal choice for those seeking relief from ADD/ADHD, depression, and fatigue. But remember, this strain is a hot commodity – so if you see it, grab it before it’s gone!


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8 reviews for Purple Moonlight

  1. Dalia Jhirad (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this strain. Smokes nice and helps me feel relaxed while staying active.

  2. Eric Chretien (verified owner)

    Smells like a Christmas tree. Gave a nice social high.

    • Quadzilla Cannabis Admin

      It’s never too early or too late for Christmas in the air !

  3. Alex Callaghan (verified owner)

    Nice smoking bud. Gave us two huge king nugs in our order! Nice crystal and earthy/Xmas tree smell. Very peppery finish. Curing was decent, not too harsh.

  4. Dalia Jhirad (verified owner)

    Love this strain so much I bought it again.

  5. Tristan Bogler (verified owner)

    Great buds, easy smoke, not incredibly intense high but definitely gets the creative flow going

  6. Matthew Hillgren (verified owner)

    Nice smooth high

  7. Olivia Davidson (verified owner)

    Great buds and great high. Will definitely buy again !

  8. Steve Glover (verified owner)

    Very exclusive strain. Very uplifting and great daytime high. I loved this one. Dense buds and lots of crystals. This one I have already re ordered lol. Definitely recommend

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