Stripper Spit

AAAAA – THC 29% CBD 0.40% – Otherwise known as “Angel Cookies” or “Angel Spit”, this gorgeous strain is the child of the Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. The smoke is smooth on the inhale and packs a major euphoric punch. Stripper Spit’s frosty buds carry a unique blend of aromas from diesel, to floral notes, to hints of licorice. This strain is sure to melt away stress and leave you feeling uplifted and happy. We are currently out of stock: check out our AAAA weed here!

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Stripper Spit Strain Overview

Discover the intriguing experience of the Stripper Spit strain, a unique addition to the world of cannabis strains. Grown with the utmost attention to quality and purity, this strain offers an exotic blend of properties that are poised to elevate your relaxation routine to new heights.

Genetics and Composition

The Stripper Spit strain is a balanced hybrid, boasting a genetic makeup that is both uplifting and calming. With a lineage stemming from revered parent strains, this blend offers a complex profile that’s rich in both taste and effects.

Aromatic and Flavour Profile

Upon initial use, you’ll notice Stripper Spit’s vibrant aromatics. It has a sweet yet skunky scent, adorned with subtle notes of fruit and pine. These aromas hint at the rich tapestry of flavors that await, a layered medley that’s sure to satisfy the discerning palate. With each inhale, users can anticipate an intriguing flavour profile characterized by earthy undertones, a fruity mid-note, and a slight diesel finish.


As for its effects, Stripper Spit delivers a harmonious blend of euphoria and relaxation. The high usually kicks off with a cerebral rush, washing over you with waves of creativity and heightened focus. It’s an ideal companion for brainstorming sessions or when you need to stoke the fires of your imagination. Following the initial uplifting effects, the strain eases users into a calming state of relaxation without overwhelming sedation. This makes it a perfect choice for those seeking stress relief or a mood boost after a long day.


The Stripper Spit strain is carefully cultivated to offer a consistently high-quality experience. The dense, frosty buds are a spectacle in themselves, boasting an array of deep green hues with splashes of purple and a generous dusting of trichomes that reflect the strain’s potency.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of cannabis, the Stripper Spit strain offers a unique, balanced, and enjoyable experience. Its captivating blend of flavors, aromas, and effects have been meticulously curated to create a strain that stands out in any cannabis collection.


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