Sweat Helmet

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THC – 29.7%

CBD – 0.60%

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Sweat Helmet Strain – Overview

Sweat Helmet is an Indica dominant strain that is known for its ability to induce relaxation and sedation. Despite its unusual name, Sweat Helmet provides a comfortable and soothing experience rather than an intense or uncomfortable high.

Effects and Experience

As an Indica dominant strain, Sweat Helmet is known for its calming effects. After a few exhales, users report feeling a wave of euphoria that enhances focus and provides mental relief. Following the uplifting cerebral high, users often experience a relaxing physical high, which induces a state of calmness and relaxation. Over time, these effects tend to become sedative, making this strain ideal for evening or nighttime use, especially when unwinding or preparing for sleep.

Flavour and Aroma

Sweat Helmet has a distinct flavour profile. It has a sweet and sour citrus taste with a slight pungency that teases the palate. The aroma complements the flavour, offering a heavy and dank scent with a diesel overtone that’s subtly sweet, punctuated by sour citrus notes.

Medical Benefits

Given its effects, Sweat Helmet is often used by those seeking relief from certain medical conditions. The euphoric and focused effects can help individuals suffering from depression, while the sedative effects can help treat insomnia, nightmares, and narcolepsy. The strain’s ability to stimulate appetite also makes it suitable for addressing issues related to nausea or appetite loss. The relaxing physical effects can also help alleviate chronic pain.


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1 review for Sweat Helmet

  1. hedayat sharifi (verified owner)

    Cerebral high

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