Unicorn Poop


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Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 26%+

CBD – 0.30%

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Unicorn Poop Ounce Special – Overview

Unicorn Poop is an intriguing Indica-dominant hybrid strain that, despite its unusual name, has garnered a strong following for its magical effects and unique flavour profile. It is a cross between the GMO and Sophisticated Lady strains.

Effects and Experience

Users report that Unicorn Poop offers a euphoric high that stimulates both the body and the mind. Some users may experience a mild cognitive fog, while others report bouts of laughter, indicative of the strain’s mood-enhancing properties. Initially, the strain’s effects tend to boost creativity and productivity, making it a good option for daytime use or before engaging in creative activities. However, the relaxing Indica effects gradually kick in, bringing about a state of calm and relaxation that can lead to sedation.

Flavour and Aroma

Unicorn Poop is praised for its delightful mix of flavours and aromas. It combines notes of citrus and fuel within earthy tones, providing a smooth smoke that’s light on taste. This balanced blend of flavours contributes to the overall enjoyable experience of using Unicorn Poop.

Medical Benefits

Due to its mix of uplifting and relaxing effects, Unicorn Poop may be beneficial for a variety of medical conditions. It can help combat fatigue and anxiety, manage symptoms of ADD/ADHD, suppress appetite, and alleviate chronic pain. As always, medical users should consult with a healthcare professional before using this or any other strain for therapeutic purposes.

31 reviews for Unicorn Poop

  1. michael ibbitson (verified owner)

    First thing I got to say is it’s really sticky and burns slow and has a good taste

  2. Mel Brown (verified owner)

    Performed as advertised. I love it..

  3. Paul Mckay (verified owner)

    Great Value in this purchase. Buds are grown proper. Flush was dine extremely well. Balanced GMO strain on thebIndica side. I do feel some of that sophisticated Lady coming through also. Great Strain. Ordering again

  4. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    AAA. Nicely cured sticky bud!

  5. natemill (verified owner)

    One of the best ounce bag strains I’ve tried. Flower is sticky and tastes nice.

  6. Mel Brown (verified owner)

    Last purchase was the second time. why? I love it.

  7. Rae Marcelino (verified owner)

    bruH and i thought my toleranc3 was High. order now to get üni$h!tfaceD today!

  8. Kristina Afanaseva (verified owner)

    Very nice, smooth smoke

  9. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Fast becoming my go to bud. Thanks for restocking!!

  10. Jamie O’Donnell (verified owner)

    I really really like this. I just found it was super dry though. Other than that I am glad you brought it back

  11. Leon Rampaul (verified owner)

    Ordering it again

  12. Stacy Carruthers (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Smells great. Tastes great. Beautiful colourful buds!! Would order this again!!

  13. Adriana Lucifora (verified owner)

    This one is my favorite smells & taste great and an excellent buzz.

  14. Kay Kay (verified owner)

    Great strain. A Creeper.

  15. Marc Rizkallah (verified owner)

    How can i put this? WOW..very impressed..amazing taste, amazing feeling, i’m able to train, and it relieves pain when i deadlift..pardon my expression: holy crap WOW..love it..
    As always thanks Quadzilla..You never cease to amaze me..

  16. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Great strain! Smell and taste will knock your socks off, you CANNOT go wrong with this bud!

  17. Matthew Barker (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible, quadzilla by faaaaaaaar!!!! Best bang for the buck! Unicorn poop is amazing deal for the price….QZfam!!! ✌️

  18. Matt Stewart (verified owner)

    keep in stock!!

  19. Vince Scenna (verified owner)

    This is the second time ordering this strain. It doesn’t disappoint. Happy to see it back in stock !!

  20. Marc Rizkallah (verified owner)

    You all know me by now, the funny guy…so far, i have loved every single product every single time, not once was i disappointed..but this particular strain is wow…this time i noticed all the effects of before, great feeling, no pain for training, energizing, but also it could be cerebral..i am an overthinker…my God. Did this strain help…i am in looove❤️

  21. Kate Rinfret (verified owner)

    strong instant high sticky buds and lots of keef yield

  22. Jennifer Ngo (verified owner)

    Love this strain. Will order again. Thx

  23. Adeva B (verified owner)

    The name threw me off a bit but def a good bud. Would buy again instantly.

  24. duncan smith (verified owner)

    a++ very strong. recommend a lot!!

  25. Sarah Taylor (verified owner)

    It was good overall, smoked well and tasted fine

  26. Amna Ali (verified owner)

    Really yummy!

  27. Sean Smith (verified owner)

    Bought twice. Very nice bud

  28. Steve Glover (verified owner)

    Really liked this strain. Hopefully it comes back. Peppery smell and cakey buds. One of my favs !!

  29. Ryan Bond (verified owner)

    Love this strain, super sticky, slow burn and some of the strongest flower I’ve ever smoked. I’ll be watching for this to become available again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, MUST TRY!!

  30. duncan smith (verified owner)

    favourite strain. i will be coming back!

  31. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Unicorn poop rocks! The taste and smell are just awesome, hits great! Second time purchasing this one, and will definitely buy it again!

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