Very Berry Haze

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THC – 29%

CBD – 1.10%

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Very Berry Haze Strain Overview

Very Berry Haze, sometimes referred to simply as “Veryberry,” is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It was developed by the renowned breeders at Apothecary Genetics farms, through a cross between the delectable Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze strains. This strain is notable for its high THC content and potent combination of invigorating sativa effects.

Effects of Very Berry Haze

Very Berry Haze offers an instant cerebral rush that uplifts the mind and improves focus. However, it also tends to make users easily distracted and somewhat spacey. Despite this cerebral haze, the strain also provides significant pain relief, both mentally and physically, making it a balanced experience.

The high from Very Berry Haze is ideal for social situations, as it makes users very talkative while also promoting relaxation. These strong sativa effects make Very Berry Haze an excellent choice for those dealing with chronic stress or anxiety, depression, and pain from injury or illness.

Taste and Aroma

One of the most appealing characteristics of Very Berry Haze is its distinctive flavour and scent. It’s celebrated among cannabis enthusiasts for its delightfully sweet berry taste, complemented by a spicy sweetness. The aroma follows suit, with a strong presence of sweet berries that enhances the overall experience.


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2 reviews for Very Berry Haze

  1. Jakob Staeger (verified owner)

    Very smooth wake me up in the morning

  2. Allana Sukhai (verified owner)

    Def slowed my brain down a bit but was creative and felt happy and talkative. Chill with friends or a movie strain.

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