Visionary Bulbs – Microdose Tinctures 360mg x 5


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Visionary Bulbs – Microdose Tinctures 360mg x 5

Ideal for Experienced Users

The Visionary Bulbs Microdose Tinctures, packed with Psilocybe Cubensis, cater to those well-versed in the art of microdosing. If you’ve tested the waters with smaller doses and are now ready for a stronger experience, our product offers the ideal next step.

A Gentle Journey

Elevate your microdosing routine with these tinctures, promising a light, uplifting trip that enhances your perception while maintaining clarity and functionality.

Organic Quality

Our microdose tinctures are 100% organic, ensuring you receive the best quality with each use.

Packaging Details

Each package contains five pieces, each carrying 360mg of psilocybe cubensis.

21 reviews for Visionary Bulbs – Microdose Tinctures 360mg x 5

  1. Kimberly G (verified owner)

    This microdose is on the strong side and you’ll definitely feel a light hit. Helps me get work done throughout the day.

  2. PigsWillFly (verified owner)

    This is the perfect Microdose for me. I tried another brand that offered 100mg 200mg and 500mg…I tried them all. I like the 360mg capsule here, works better for me. Took 1 capsule every third day. Good value for the money. Thanks Quadzilla for offering so many options in Mushrooms now. Used properly Mushrooms can work wonders for you.

  3. S McInally (verified owner)

    These are what you want to buy. Delightful and clear headed fun.

    • Quadzilla Cannabis Admin

      Glad you enjoyed it!!

  4. Kenzo Takahashi (verified owner)

    Even after doing the 200mg for a while (sometimes two capsules), this one hits harder. You’ll feel some tingly-ness and an energy boost within 30 minutes or so. Definitely recommend.

  5. Erik Krywan (verified owner)

    Work great.

  6. Aliana Comeau (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these, first time trying and I find my “off” days feel so great.

  7. Chris Legere (verified owner)


  8. weneedweed1988 (verified owner)

    About half an hour get a work.
    It good Micro

  9. S McInally (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. Helps you keep a bit of control over your trip by just taking 1 at a time until you’re good. Or just microdose 1 a day for amazing mood enhancement.

  10. Monica Mortimer (verified owner)

    Really good microdose and gives a light feeling of euphoria.

  11. Dishan Shah (verified owner)

    Best product for micro. Loved it

  12. ZSOLT SABOU (verified owner)

    works great

  13. Zilda Santos (verified owner)

    I tried two at a time, didn’t feel any different so the next time I tried three still felt no difference. Can’t say it’s good or bad.

  14. Eren Ozoguz (verified owner)

    Mushroom was excellent

  15. Joseph Lear (verified owner)

    I have noticed variation in the potency of these capsules. When taken individually as a single dose you should be fine since it is such a low dose, but you will notice the variation. I’m going to go back to making my own since these are basically just powdered shrooms in capsule based on weight and not potency/active ingredients.

  16. Bart Kwasiuk (verified owner)

    Clean, happy and euphoric!

  17. filipelousada (verified owner)

    100% will buy again

  18. Susan Bruce (verified owner)

    Very insightive and uplifting feeling. Love it!

  19. Martin Yacobazzo (verified owner)

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was surprised at how well these work. We took 2 and then 2 more an hour later and went to the moon. Fun times.

  20. Alain Marier (verified owner)

    100% customer service and we are new but satisfied of this product.

  21. Usman Khan (verified owner)

    Definitely a banger product. Really adds higher effects to taking shrooms the normal way if taken together. overall great product would recommend.

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