Wedding Cake


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THC – 24%
CBD – 1.5%

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Wedding Cake Strain Overview

Wedding Cake is a powerful, Indica-dominant hybrid known for its sweet taste and therapeutic potency. It’s a result of a cross between the strains Triangle Cookies and Animal Mints.

Effects of Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake can offer a calming, relaxing high. Despite its Indica dominance, it won’t necessarily leave you couch-locked or overly sedated. However, it can soothe your nerves, reduce anxiety, and stimulate your appetite. This strain might slightly affect your focus and energy levels, but it shouldn’t cause major disruption, making it an ideal choice for a chilled evening or weekend relaxation.

Medicinal Applications

Medically, Wedding Cake is often used by patients dealing with depression-related syndromes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and similar conditions. It serves as a potential mood enhancer and relaxation agent, providing relief from both physical discomfort and mental distress.

Flavour and Aroma

The strain is a treat for your palate and nose alike. Wedding Cake offers an exquisite combination of the sweetness of cookies and the fruity tartness of cherry pie. Its scent mirrors this unique flavour profile, filling the air with a sweet, aromatic essence that is hard to resist.

Side Effects

Like most cannabis strains, Wedding Cake can cause dry mouth and eyes, so it’s important to stay hydrated while consuming this strain.

Physical Features

This strain is aesthetically pleasing with its dense structure shaped like pine trees and a rich, dark green hue. Its appearance is further enhanced by the frosty trichomes covering the buds and the thick orange hairs that give it a vibrant contrast.

Wedding Cake is an excellent choice for cannabis connoisseurs seeking therapeutic benefits along with a delightful flavour profile. Its calming effects, coupled with its efficacy in managing several health symptoms, make it a valuable strain in both recreational and medicinal circles. However, due to its high potency, beginners should proceed with caution and adjust their doses accordingly.

23 reviews for Wedding Cake

  1. fabio machado (verified owner)

    very good for the price

  2. Deanster (verified owner)

    Awesome deal! Tasty and works as described!

  3. Kristina Afanaseva (verified owner)

    Very sweet and smooth

  4. Brett Van Beek (verified owner)

    “If you’re going to confiscate this, know one thing: it’s a mild, kind hybrid. Perfect for playing guitar.”

  5. Krunal Kamble (verified owner)

    New favourite.. good price!!

  6. Troy Blair (verified owner)

    Great price definitely a must buy

  7. Grady (verified owner)

    For the price you’re paying it’s 100 percent worth the purchase. Great smell and taste.

  8. Gary Steadman (verified owner)

    No expectations good for the price

  9. duncan smith (verified owner)

    love this strain!! highly recommend

  10. G Barit (verified owner)

    Good strain for a great price, very relaxing and smooth going down

  11. Krunal Kamble (verified owner)

    Very good all round all day stain !! My go to bud!!

  12. Krunal Kamble (verified owner)

    Very very good .. definitely back for more

  13. S McInally (verified owner)

    Great deal!

  14. Kathy Dosen (verified owner)

    Nice smoke and great deal

  15. Lucas Espinola (verified owner)

    Great smoke & good quality

  16. daniel flores (verified owner)

    Came back for seconds, love it

  17. ANASTACIA LAWRENCE (verified owner)

    Great strain I will buy over and over. Nice high nice buzz. Thank u again Quadzilla for this amazing price

  18. Kate Rinfret (verified owner)

    pretty solid, the flavour is very nice

  19. Deanster (verified owner)

    Fantastic price… great for relaxing

  20. Neville Jasmin (verified owner)

    It’s great for the price, relax buzz.

  21. Steven Burns (verified owner)

    very dense buds and as described by Leafly 🙂

  22. Maggie (verified owner)

    Awesome deal!!! Very good!

  23. Julia Misasi (verified owner)

    I love this one!

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