Woolly Mammoth

THC – 30.3%
CBD – 0.90%

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Woolly Mammoth Strain – Overview

The Woolly Mammoth is a rare, evenly balanced hybrid strain resulting from a cross between the iconic LA Confidential and Snowcap strains. Known for its unique honey-soaked woody flavour, this strain offers a tantalizing, pleasurable sensory experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Effects and Experience

After the first few hits, the Woolly Mammoth strain induces a state of pure euphoria complemented by a touch of focused energy. Users often report feeling light as air, making this strain an ideal choice for those seeking energy for outdoor activities. Despite the invigorating, energized state, this strain also promotes relaxation, leaving users feeling calm but not sedated or drowsy.

Medical Benefits

Given its high THC level and potent effects, Woolly Mammoth is often used as a therapeutic strain for various health conditions. It can be beneficial for managing chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and nausea. This unique blend of benefits makes the Woolly Mammoth strain a favoured choice among medical cannabis users.

Flavour and Aroma

With its rare honey-soaked woody flavour, Woolly Mammoth offers a unique palate experience. The honeyed smoke is rich and enticing, revealing a sweet earthy flavour with a tangy citrus edge when savoured. On exhaling, a woodier aftertaste lingers, extending the flavour experience beyond the high.


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