In 2018, the federal government legalized cannabis across our beautiful country and with that came the introduction of the cannabis community in Quebec. Before this getting weed was not always the easiest — even in Montreal, but that has since changed as long as you are of age and have proof of ID. At Quadzilla we offer an easy way to get whatever cannabis products you might need or want!

Quebec’s thriving cannabis community is now making it even easier to access the products – and our catalogue at Quadzilla will offer you so many options you will leave getting exactly what you need! We have catered our catalogue to both the recreational smoker or the medicinal consumer and with an easy online process, you will get your goods from the comfort of your couch.

Buy Weed Online Quebec

Top Strains In Quebec 2023

Jean Guy: This is a sativa-dominant strain that is known for its uplifting, energizing effects and citrusy, earthy flavour. It is often used for creativity, focus, and mood enhancement.

Northern Lights: This is a classic indica strain that is known for its relaxing, sedative effects and sweet, earthy flavor. It is often used for pain relief, insomnia, and stress reduction.

Blueberry: This is an indica-dominant strain that is known for its relaxing, sedative effects and sweet, fruity flavor. It is often used for pain relief, insomnia, and stress reduction.

Sour Diesel: This is a sativa-dominant strain that is known for its energizing, uplifting effects and pungent, diesel-like flavor. It is often used for creativity, focus, and mood enhancement.

GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies): This is a hybrid strain that is known for its euphoric, relaxing effects and sweet, earthy flavor. It is often used for pain relief, depression, and anxiety.

Quebec Canada Dispensary - Buy Weed Online In These Quebec Cities

Quebec City
Chicoutimi - Jonquière

Buy Cannabis Online In Quebec

Canadian Weed Dispensaries

Quebec is becoming a hot spot for the cannabis culture — particularly Montreal. As mentioned before this was not always the attitude held in the province but it is great to see it change and evolve with the new liberal laws. These laws have opened up several options for purchasing – both online or in person.

In Quebec, SQDC dispensaries can be located throughout the province – the majority of stores being found in Montreal and Quebec city, obviously! Although located throughout the province buying in a store does not work for everyone. Many cannabis consumers choose to turn to buy weed online in Quebec. Buying weed online has lots of benefits – ease of purchasing, anonymity, lots of options!

Just like stores – there are many options for buying weed online in Quebec. SQDC offers online sales however, there are many other sites, like Quadzilla, that can provide you with a greater variety and quality of products — at better prices. Visit Quadzilla to register and enjoy the perfectly curated catalogue.

Quebec Cannabis Dispensaries
Shatter Bars Quebec
Quebec Edibles - Euphoria Extractions

Mail Order Marijuana in Quebec

New Dispensaries In Quebec

At Quadzilla we have worked really hard to create a website that offers you a simple ordering process with access to the best cannabis products out there. Buying weed online in Quebec isn’t just about weed but so many other options as well – like edibles, concentrates, mushrooms, CBD & RSO products, and much more! Visit Quadzilla to check it out.

How does it work? Well like we said — we wanted to make this simple and not intrusive. All you have to do is submit your proof of ID on our registration page, wait for our confirmation (you won’t be waiting long) and you are ready to order from our site. Like we said — it’s just that easy, only a few clicks and you will be enjoying your weed right away.

Why You should Buy Weed Online in Quebec

Those living in major cities, like Montreal or Quebec City, have ease of access to brick and mortar stores — and that is great. But it does not work for everyone — which is why we have created an easy online ordering process. Buying weed online has many benefits, not just for those in Quebec but for everyone across Canada.

When you buy cannabis online the shopping process is just easier — you can comfortably browse our catalogue, do easy price comparison of flowers/products, and just take your time. For those new to the weed community, this is a great way to both educate yourself but to also make sure you get the best products. At Quadzilla we aim to make sure to have quality descriptions of our products so that you are able to make an informed purchase.

Some important information for new buyers — in Quebec you are limited to 30 grams of cannabis for public possession. At home – you are able to hold up to 150 grams of dried flowers.

Many people like to buy weed online because they love that they can do it from the comfort of their own home. So no matter where you live in Quebec we are here to serve you — just register your information, add to your cart and enjoy!

Enjoy Edibles, Flowers, Bud, CBD, Vapes, Shrooms and more When you buy weed in Quebec

Our catalogue is great — there is something for everyone! But let us take you on a little tour of some of our favourite products that we know will enhance your time in Quebec, no matter what you choose to do.

We also have budget buds on sale all the time. Check out our selection of cheap weed and and cannabis sales. 

We provide Shipment tracking when you Buy weed online

If you find yourself in Montreal – enjoying the delicious food, exhilarating culture you might want something to add to the excitement. Our flowers catalogue has just what you need. Perhaps you are looking for a way to relax after a long day of exploring Montreal check out the Mike Tyson strain. This relative to the famous OG Kush will have you feeling all the feels — starting with a cerebral punch and then an overall peace you will sink into the couch. Or perhaps you want something a little more uplifting check out the Hawaiian Hammer strain — this will have you in a state of euphoria while you enjoy the fine cuisine of Montreal.

Perhaps you are looking to explore the natural beauty that Quebec has to offer — it is endless. One way to put that experience on the next level is to try out some of our concentrate products. Whether you go for our Primo Kief, Mary Jay Shatter, or Black Dragon – Gold Seal Afghani Hash any of these products will have you seeing the beauty of Quebec in a new way!

We now carry Magic Mushrooms in Quebec and Microdosing shrooms

Maybe smoking isn’t your thing — well don’t worry we have you covered! Our selection of edibles in Quebec is sure to please any type of cannabis consumer. Starting with Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars — each piece yields 30mg of shatter which will leave you feeling, as the name states, a sense of euphoria. Or maybe you are looking to experience something new – well Alice magic mushroom edibles will give you want you need. We highly recommend you start low and go slow with these strong, delicious edibles. What a way to experience Quebec!

Quebec Dispensaries

No matter the kind of consumer you are — we have you taken care of at Quadzilla. We offer lots of products and ease of purchasing, making it easy for any Quebec resident or visitor to enjoy cannabis. Our products will put the province of Quebec on a whole new level and experience so we highly recommend you grab something before you head to explore the beauty and history of Quebec!
Quebec Dispensaries
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