Top Selling Weed Strains in Toronto

The 3 Most Popular Weed Strains In Toronto

Looking for the best selling weed in Toronto? We review and break down our best selling cannabis strains that our customers have continuously purchased or requested from our Toronto weed delivery service.

Toronto’s Top Three Cannabis Strains:

Toronto has always been a vibrant hub for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a very diverse range of strains that cater to every kind of cannabis palette and tolerance level. Among the unending selection available from your local Toronto dispensary or Local Weed Delivery Service, these three AAAA weed strains have gained and held significant popularity:

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Craft Strain,
  • Ice Age strain
  • Stripper Spit strain (yes, thats what its called).
Mint Chocolate Chip Strain In Toronto

Mint Chocolate Chip – Craft Strain

Mint Chocolate Chip Craft is an hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Mint Chocolate Chip and a carefully curated craft blend. Known for its enjoyable aroma and potent effects, this strain has become a top selling weed strain in Toronto.

Appearance and Aroma:

The buds of Mint Chocolate Chip Craft have a dense and compact structure, decorated with vibrant green hues and nice flecks of purple. The strain’s name is derived from its familiar scent of mint chocolate chip ice cream, with undertones of earthiness and little sweetness.

Effects and Benefits:

Mint Chocolate Chip Craft offers a balanced high, inducing a euphoric and uplifted state of mind accompanied by a soothing physical relaxation. Many users appreciate its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, and mild pain, making it a popular choice for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Additionally, this strain often enhances creativity and focus, making it suitable for daytime or evening use – another good reason it’s popularity has held in Toronto.

Ice Age Strain From Toronto

Ice Age Strain

Ice Age is a powerful indica-dominant strain that has gained a loyal following among those looking for a deeply relaxing and tranquil experience with a side of couch lock. Its strong genetics make it a favourite for those in search of the most potent strains in Toronto & Canada wide.

Appearance and Aroma:

The buds of Ice Age are visually striking, showcasing dense and sticky flowers. The deep green colour is contrasted by vibrant orange trichomes, creating near perfect looking bud. The aroma is characterized by a sweet and skunky scent, with hints of earthiness and pine.

Effects and Benefits:

Ice Age delivers a heavy-hitting high that washes over you, inducing a state of profound relaxation and sedation. It is renowned for its potent body high, making it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and even muscle tension. Due to its strong sedative properties, this strain is best enjoyed in the evenings or before bedtime.

Stripper Spit Strain Bud

Stripper Spit Strain:

Stripper Spit is an intriguing hybrid strain that has gained popularity for its unique flavour profile and well-rounded effects. While the name may evoke a strange curiosity (and even sound a little off-putting) , this strain offers an enjoyable experience that appeals to a wide range of cannabis users including those here in Toronto. It is a hard to get strain and possible one of the most asked for and searched for from our weed delivery service.

Appearance and Aroma:

The nugs of the Stripper Spit strain often exhibit a dense and chunky structure, with a bright green coloration and bright trichomes. The aroma of this strain is distinctive, blending sweet and fruity notes with a hint of spice, creating an intriguing sensation.

Effects and Benefits:

Stripper Spit provides a nice and balanced high, combining cerebral euphoria with gentle physical relaxation. Many enjoy and appreciate its mood-enhancing effects, as it can promote a sense of uplifting happiness. Additionally, it has been reported to offer relief from stress, depression, and fatigue, making it suitable for various occasions and a good day time strain.

Why are these top 3 weed strains in Toronto So Popular?

These top strains offer unique qualities and effects whether you need medicinal or recreational cannabis. For those looking to enjoy high park with a relaxing high, or those on the move to the next patio this summer – our Toronto weed delivery can make sure you have the best weed in Toronto for the experience.



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