Best Strains To Boost Creativity

The Best Cannabis Strains To Boost Creativity

Cannabis has the potential to enhance innovative thinking and creativity in a variety of ways. It can help to stimulate the mind, promote free-flowing thought, and encourage a more open-minded approach to problem-solving and idea generation.

Cannabis can serve so many different purposes and provide so many benefits! One of the most popular effects is the ability to boost creativity. Some of the greatest thinkers of the past and present have all reported that consuming cannabis has always been beneficial to their craft! So whether you are interested in enhancing your creativity in the artistic world or focusing on your most recent science discovery – cannabis can be a great aid. 

Today, there are so many strains that you may be wondering where to turn to get the exact high you are looking for. Cannabis strains come in one of the three categories: Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid. Each of these strains offers a different experience and different benefits. So, If the creative boost is what you are looking for, our list will help you out!

The Science Behind Cannabis and Creativity

It all starts with the frontal lobecannabis stimulates the blood flow, allowing the neurons to fire in an expressive way that helps the creative juices flow! The frontal lobe of your brain is the creative centre that will enable divergent thinking and development. It is often reported that cannabis allows the creative centre of the brain to open up to new ideas, allowing for a strong creative boost.

Cannabis enhances the creative flow of ideas and allows the brain to focus on the creative process. This is an essential step for the creative thinker who is struggling to sit and focus. 

As we break down the best cannabis strains for creativity, we want to be specific with the purpose – there are different kinds of creativity. So we will use the following categories: 

Imagination boost:

This strain will remove any barriers that are preventing you from clear, creative thought. This is effective in the brainstorming and planning stages.

Creative realization:

This effect will impact your interpretation of patterns. It allows you to be more sensitive to the world around you and apply it to your work. 

Creative Meditation:

This effect will have you looking internally to understand your thoughts, processes and ideas. You will find you are in tune with your memories, self-discovery and intense feelings of empathy

Creative Focus:

Creativity can be a distracting process. This impact will allow you to focus your attention on new possible connections and developments through your work. 

An important note for the new cannabis consumers – if you are choosing to consume cannabis for creative purposes, you will want to be careful about the dosage. A lower dosage often results in stronger innovative results – remember that you want to enhance your creativity, not be creative while high. 

Weed Strains For Creative Thinking

Ten cannabis strains that can unlock just the correct dose of creative imagination:

Sour Diesel Strain

This sativa-dominant strain is known for its invigorating and energizing effects and it might be one of the most popular strains out there – and it is really no surprise! Sour Diesel offers so many benefits and it is ideal for so many cannabis consumers. Sour Diesel is a Sativa strain that is developed through the crossbreeding of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. It offers a pleasant and strong head rush that leaves you feeling uplifted. With this sensation you will feel a sense of creative meditation. 

Some of the effects are:

  • Uplifting and euphoric, promoting a sense of well-being and creativity
  • Energizing and motivating, making it a great choice for daytime use
  • Earthy, diesel-like flavour with hints of citrus and spice

Green Crack Strain

This sativa strain is named for its energizing and uplifting effects. Some of the effects include:

  • Increases energy levels and focus, promoting creativity and productivity
  • Euphoric and uplifting, enhancing mood and reducing stress
  • Sweet and fruity flavour with hints of earthiness

Lemon Cake Strain 

Let them eat cake! Or smoke it – whatever works. Lemon Cake strain is one of those go-to creative strains that everyone loves! This potent Sativa dominant strain offers a long-lasting head high that helps you work through the creative process. If you are starting a new project -the Lemon Cake strain is a perfect choice. It will genuinely help generate hundreds of ideas! 

Jack Herer Strain

Another Sativa-dominant strain is Jack Herer. This well-known strain offers both the expected head high from Sativa strains and a physical body high effect. The body high paired with the head high allows for a creative focus on whatever task you may take. As a result, you will find yourself feeling creative, energetic and focused. For those new to the creative strains – this is an ideal starter strain! 

Chemdawg Strain

A tried, tested and true Hybrid is Chemdawg! This particular strain has shown positive results for so many different cannabis consumers. Chemdawg provides an upbeat and energetic high that is appealing to many. With cerebral effects, Chemdawg allows you to break down those barriers that get in the way of creative thinking – this is an ideal strain for brainstorming. You will feel energized, focused and creative all at once! 

Gelato Strain

This strain may come as a surprise to you – but trust us here! Gelato is a well-known Indica strain and therefore is not often considered a strong contender for creativity. But many cannabis consumers, both experienced and not, have reported that this strain provides such a carefree mood that it allows for the best setting to be creative. You will feel a sense of euphoria while all stress washes away, leaving you to create without judgment – inside or out! 

Banjo Strain

The Banjo strain offers the cannabis consumer a unique experience that allows for a great deal of creativity. This strain allows the consumers to feel both creative and productive at the same time! With an euphoric and uplifting effect Banjo offers the creative types the opportunity to develop ideas by creating new and innovative connections. 

Alaska Thunder Grape Strain

A strain with a name of three words is not to be ignored – like literally, you cannot ignore a name like this! But its strength is not just in the name but the power of the buds itself. Alaska Thunder Grape is a calming body high that is beneficial for many different reasons. It offers the opportunity to work through any anxiety or stress allowing one to focus on their creative endeavours. This is the perfect strain to let loose of any barriers. 

Purple Haze Strain

Purple Haze is your standard Sativa head high that can be overwhelming for some. For those who are more experienced that intense head high can lead to some of the most creative moments! Many have reported being able to ‘think’ on a higher level that has opened up creative gateways they did not know existed. Purple Haze will sharpen the mind while relaxing the body. 

Innovative Thinking with Cannabis


Many people use cannabis to help them get into a creative mindset when brainstorming new ideas. It can help to break down mental barriers and encourage free-flowing thoughts and ideas.


Cannabis can help to stimulate the brain and promote creative thinking when trying to solve complex problems. It can help to open up new avenues of thought and spark innovative solutions.

Artistic Expression:

Cannabis is often used by artists and creatives to enhance their creativity and imagination. It can help to create a more immersive and focused experience when creating art, music, or writing.

Exploring New Perspectives:

Cannabis can also help to open up the mind to new ideas and perspectives, which can lead to breakthroughs in innovation and creativity. It can help to break down mental barriers and encourage a more open-minded approach to problem-solving and idea generation.

The cannabis industry continues to evolve and we continue to reap the benefits! And one of those benefits is the plants ability to increase, enhance and focus our creative thinking. So many have reported that cannabis has completely changed their creative process and has opened their eyes to so many new ideas. We believe that as time goes on we will continue to find new strains that will be beneficial for the creative process. 



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