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Looking for the new weedmaps?

Now that Weedmaps Delivery is gone, we will be keeping you up to date on how to get weed delivery and cannabis news!

Weed Delivery Canada

Quadzilla Cannabis currently Ships across canada and offers same Day Weed Delivery in Parts of Ontario.

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Check out Our Canadian Online Dispensary

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Sativa

Sativa Strains

You'r favourite sativa strains from across Canada.

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Indica

Indica Strains

Best Indica Strains & Indica Dominant Hybrid Strains. Our online dispensary has fresh buds added everyday

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Quads


True Quads! AAAA Grade Cannabis. Learn more about them on our blog.

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Edibles - Shatter Bars


Buudabomb, Essential Gummies, Tasty THC Candies, Euphoria Extractions

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Concentrates


Hash, Vapes, Live Rosin, Mary Jay Premium Cartridges, & Primo Kief

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe Cubenisis, Alice Mushroom Chocolate Edibles in Winnipeg

Just Added To Quadzilla Online Dispensary Canada

New Products are added and restocked everyday. We now carry Mushrooms and microdose capsules as well as an extensive selection of edibles.

Similar To Weedmaps

Our Canadian Online Dispensary Database is always updated to reflect our favourite competitors and new Cannabis Shops

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Leafly

For those who are new to online buying – take it from experienced purchasers, buying blindly is not the way to go and Leafly has all the information you need. With Weedmaps moving away from delivery services it is important that people know where they can turn to for the necessary information on strains, local dispensaries and delivery services. Leafly has been around since 2010 and provides all the important information on strains. So in order to get the best out of Quadzilla’s curated cannabis catalogue we recommend visiting Leafly to get the FAQs on strains like 9 Pound Hammer, Mandarin Cookies, or Hawaiian Hammer

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - WikiLeaf

The description is in the name – Wikileaf is just what the name tells you it is the wikipedia of weed. Whatever strain you may be interested in – you can find the necessary information here. This is a great alternative to using Weedmaps as their information is limited to that which is allowed by the new regulations they have put in place. Weedmaps was the go to, but websites like Wikileaf can be just as helpful. We always encourage our buyers at Quadzilla to check out sites like Wikileaf to make sure they are buying with the best information possible.

Cannabis Life Network

Weedmaps Alternative Canada - Cannabis Life Network

The wonderful world of weed just keeps on evolving and moving in a variety of directions and for most cannabis consumers it is important to keep up to date. For many years people would turn to Weedmaps for the most recent news and media coverage – but again, with the changes to Weedmaps focus and regulation from the government the information is just not what it used to be. Now people are turning towards Cannabis Life Network for the latest and most important information. Websites like this continue to support all delivery services like Quadzilla providing the most important information for the cannabis consumer. It is pretty simple – whatever question you might have about weed that can’t be answered directly on Quadzilla – Cannabis Life Network will have an answer for you.

Ontario Cannabis Store

Weedmaps Alternative Ontario - OCS

Without Weedmaps you might be looking for your local dispensary – certainly Google Maps might be able to help you out. But OCS actually offers another alternative with their store locator feature on their website. This alternative to Weedmaps will help you find the closest and best dispensary close to you. Don’t forget that there are also weed delivery sites like Quadzilla if you are not interested in visiting your local dispensary.

Leafy Things

Similar To Weedmaps - Leafy Things

Review Coming Soon!

Cannabis News Canada Blog

Weedmaps News, Cannabis Information, Consumption Guides and more!

420 Dispensary Deals Toronto
420 Deals

420 Weed Deals In Toronto

The best same day weed delivery 420 deals in Toronto and Canada. Our 420 online dispensary deals are the best in Canada with the best deals on premium ounces, AAAA weed, Edibles and Mushrooms. Find all our 420 promo codes and discount codes here.

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High CBD Strains

The Strongest CBD Strains

Top 5 High CBD Strains to help with your anxiety, chronic pain and mental clarity. Strong CBD Strains that help lower inflammation and treating medical conditions such as insomnia, epilepsy and more.

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