What Is Keif?

What is Kief? and How to use Kief.

Did you know that the powdery substance that gathers in the lower chamber of your grinder with a mesh screen has an official name? This is what we call Kief, and it is an important concentrate in the cannabis world!

Kief has a powdery texture that comes from the cannabis bud when using a grinder that has a mesh screen. This substance is rich with trichomes that come from the cannabinoids. These are what we call the active ingredients (CBD, THC and CBN)

Kief is found in all buds that you smoke, the higher grade cannabis will hold a higher volume of kief. The great thing about kief is its versatility — if you are patient you can collect enough to create your own concentrated cannabis products (or if you smoke a lot!) or there are several other ways you can consume it! 

5 Options for Kief Consumption

Smoke it! 

As discussed previously, kief is the substance that gathers in the lower chamber of your mesh screen grinder. There is very little preparation that goes into smoking it on its own. 

By smoking kief on its own you will typically feel a more intense and pleasant high due to the high concentration of cannabinoids. You can use any of your standard smoking devices to consume — roll it in a joint, pack a bowl or any other smoking device. 

If you choose to use a pipe, it is important to remember that kief can easily pass through the hole. You will want to slow your burn down to truly enjoy the benefits of kief! 

Add Kief to your tea or Coffee

If your preference is to ingest rather than smoke, kief provides a unique opportunity to be added to your hot drinks! Your best options are tea or coffee — the combination of heat allows for the decarboxylation process to take effect. 

A hot cup of kief in the morning could be just what your morning routine needs!

Making Edibles with Kief

With great patience or a high volume of consumption, you can collect enough kief to create your own edibles. Kief acts as a great alternative to using your dried flowers to create a butter. 

In order to effectively use kief you must ensure that you apply the proper amount of heat to activate the decarboxylation. 

Tools you will need to create edibles:

  • Cookie sheet
  • 250 g Butter
  • Kief
  • Saucepan
  • Jar

Step 1 – Activate Kief

You will start by preheating your oven to 150C. Place your kief on a cookie sheet and warm it up for 7 minutes. This will maximize the potency by making sure all of the inactive ingredients are activated. 

Step 2 – Melt Your Butter

You will melt your butter (250g) over medium heat — making sure it is completely melted. 

Step 3 – Add Your Kief

Add your kief to the butter and mix well. Once it is completely mixed in turn off the heat. 

Step 4 – Store and Cool

While the butter is still liquid — pour it into a jar for storage and then let it cool. 

It is important to note that Kief butter’s potency is much greater than cannabis butter, so when using it in your baking it is recommended to use a little less than the recipe calls for. Consuming too much kief butter will turn into an unpleasant high. 

Turning Kief into Hash

If you read our tutorial on hash you probably won’t be surprised when we suggest using your kief to create bricks of hash. In order to do this you will require a kief press, these can be found online — but be warned the prices can be steep!

The great thing about the kief press is its ability to create nice, even pucks of hash. But for those without the deep pockets you can also DIY it by using a hair straightener, parchment paper, kief and recommended oven mitts. 

Step 1 – Pouch

Create a pouch using parchment paper. You will place the kief in the middle.

Step 2 – Heat

Heat up your hair straightener on low for a few minutes. 

Step 3 – Pressure

Once the hair straightener is hot, place the parchment pouch in-between and press down for 10 seconds. You must make sure you are applying even pressure and therefore heat to the entire pouch. 

Step 4 – Results

Remove the pouch from the hair straightener — the substance you are left with is hash oil! 

Step 5 – Storage

Remove leftover kief — extract the oil and store in a jar. 

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And lastly, the most common form, Keif in A joint!

We discussed smoking previously, but it is important to discuss the benefits of adding kief to your joints. This is considered the most common way to consume the powdery substance. 

Many people prefer to create a melody of cannabis dried flowers and kief for their joint smoking needs. The best way to do this is to lay out your dried flower on a rolling paper and sprinkle in some kief for that next level high!

If you don’t want to mix, you can also choose to coat your joint with hash oil and sprinkle some kief on top. This will allow for an even burn and a pleasant high! 

keif joint

If you are thinking about cutting back on your consumption of cannabis for whatever reason, but still would like a decent high – adding some kief to your dried flowers will help! By smoking a more potent joint or bowl you will end up smoking less in the end. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, kief is a versatile and important member of the cannabis concentrate community. It provides a great deal of options for consumption and helps create an even better high! But be careful — too much kief can turn into a green out!

If you are new to kief, a great place to start is by adding a little bit to your bowl or joint to see the effects! 

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