Grey Market Weed Delivery Toronto

Why Grey Market Weed Delivery Services Are Here To Stay

After just over four years of legalization the cannabis community continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of many. Over this time we have learned a lot, changed a lot and have opened the doors to many more cannabis community members.

In the past year there has been a significant change in how people obtain their flowers, bud, concentrates and edibles – and this is through local weed delivery. The pandemic hit us all – and hit us hard, but we adapted! One of the ways Canadian dispensaries adapted to meet the needs of their customers is to create better access to weed delivery. We are happy to report that we have always offered delivery in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond!

In 2018, the legal cannabis market opened but that does not mean the grey market disappeared. Instead, today the grey cannabis market is thriving! It continues to grow in popularity and accessibility. Although concrete numbers are hard to come by, it just takes a quick Google search to see all of the different options.

So you might be asking yourself – why do people start a grey market cannabis company when you can go the legal route? Well the answer is simple, red tape. In order to get your hands on a government license there are a lot of hoops to jump through and for some – that is just not the way to go. Instead others are going old school and starting their companies knowing the risks involved. Let’s break this all down in a bit more detail.

Weed Delivery Is The Best and Most Convenient Option

Delivery is king! Over the past year we have all become accustomed to getting what we want and need delivered right to our door – the same goes for our weed. You can ask any stoner out there and they will agree that delivery is best. The idea of getting dressed, walking or driving to your nearest dispensary, talking to a budtender and then waiting for your weed – well that is just exhausting and unnecessary for those of us who are busy or who just want to stay in. Instead, wouldnt you rather just buy weed online, click a few buttons and wait for the weed delivery to arrive. And this is why grey market dominates!

The simple fact that grey market companies can offer same day delivery gives them a significant advantage over any legal dispensary. With this ease of access it is pretty clear to both consumer and business owner that the grey market offers many more opportunities for good and efficient weed consumption. By removing the barrier of leaving your home, we make weed buying as easy as possible. 

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Grey Market Delivery Services Have The Best Prices and Product

Another area where the grey market is able to easily compete with the legal market is in pricing – the grey market does not have to follow the same rules. Licensed dispensaries are subject to countless rules and regulations and one of those is specifically related to the products and prices. The licensed suppliers are subject to high standards and therefore must spend a great deal of money on the production process – this creates a higher price in the end. So yes, you are getting a quality product, but you are also paying the price. 

The grey market is, well, a little grey on the quality control and pricing. That being said – there are no regulations whatsoever, hence the ‘grey’ market. Instead grey market producers and sellers are able to follow their own roles. Some grey market dispensaries will do the work to grow their own products, while others source it from bigger producers. Either way – both will offer good products. Some may argue that the quality of grey market cannabis can be questionable – but do to the expansion of the weed world, it is beneficial for all cannabis producers to produce the best quality. So do not fret about the licensed high standards – your grey market businesses want to provide you with that same quality, but at a better price! What more could you ask for? 

With that being said, although grey market cannabis is not subject to the same rules and regulations – the products are still quality and at a much more reasonable price! 

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Until recently it’s been difficult to get a cannabis license

We are pretty sure that it comes at no shock at all that obtaining a license to sell weed in Ontario has been a nightmare. From the lottery licensing system, to the endless paperwork and the ongoing changes to regulations – it is not fun for anyone! So it is also not a surprise that many have turned their back on this process and have joined the grey market. 

But things are beginning to change – over the past few months, in Ontario, weed dispensaries seem to be popping up on every corner! At some point during 2021, Ontario got their act together and made the necessary changes to effectively open dispensaries. And with these changes came a surge of dispensaries – almost too many of them and all of them offering the exact same products. But it is important to note that all of these new dispensaries are still subject to the rules and regulations of the government – therefore, no full delivery service. 

That is where the grey market steps in! Not only does the grey weed market have quality products it also offers different options for receiving your cannabis goods. For example, just like your good old weed dealer used to do, you can request same day delivery. This option is only available to those living within a certain distance of the grey market dispensary – but you would be surprised how far they will go! So again – the grey market continues to effectively compete with the government by providing better products and ease of access. 

Licensed Dispensaries Can’t Offer Everything

So we have tackled: quality of products, ease of access and the simple process of opening a grey market dispensary. Another important point that must be said is the availability of products. Just like we said before – grey market dispensaries are not subject to government regulations, therefore they can sell what they want. This has allowed many grey market dispensaries to sell stronger cannabis products and expand outside of the cannabis world. 

Did you know that the government regulates how strong edibles can be? Well, you do now! And this can be an important factor when purchasing your edibles. Government licensed dispensaries are required to sell edibles with a low THC dosage, but still at a high price. So what’s the point? Well, this is why many turn to grey market products. Grey market dispensaries sell what they want! 

Most grey market dispensaries offer a wide variety of edibles. The edibles will range in potency and price – therefore allowing you to make a purchase that is perfect for you. When it comes to edibles we always recommend starting low and going slow. So if you choose to buy one of the more potent edibles keep this rule in mind! 

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Legal Cannabis Services Can’t Market Their Product

Not only are cannabis dispensaries regulated for price and product – but they also have rules about marketing their goods. Legal cannabis companies cannot market their products. And guess what? Neither can grey market. But this does not seem to hurt the grey market – word of mouth seems to work just as well. We cannot say the same for the legal dispensaries. 

Legal dispensaries are prohibited from advertising anything about their products. They cannot discuss potency, research data, claims about content or even customer reviews! Instead, people make purchases based on basic information and no detailed reviews. 

The grey market faces the same restrictions – but due to the nature of the grey market the products usually sell themselves. Therefore the lack of advertising for grey markets has little to no impact as the its a pretty even across legal and grey market. Some legal dispensaries will offer deals and hope to not be caught doing so, some grey market dispensaries result to guerrilla marketing efforts.

Cannabis Dispensary Billboard for Weed Delivery in downtown Toronto

Are you not convinced? Come on! Even I am! 

All kidding aside – we think it is pretty clear that weed delivery services are here to stay. Grey market dispensaries are actively competing with the legal market and things are continuing to grow and expand. For those of you still trying to decide whether to buy from grey market or legal dispensaries – just remember – your money goes a lot further at a grey market dispensary. 

Conclusion – Weed Delivery in Toronto and the GTA is not going anywhere

At Quadzilla Cannabis we have been offering Weed Delivery Services in Toronto and the rest of the GTA including Toronto East, Toronto West, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakvile, Milton, Georgtown, Brampton and well.. you get the idea. GTA+ let’s call it. We work with established growers to bring in quality product and really enjoy what we do. So let the race continue – we and other delivery services welcome the competition and look forward to continuing to delivery quality cannabis products right to your door!



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