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Why is BC Bud Considered The Best?

British Columbia’s claim to fame -- having some of the best cannabis around the world. But how did this happen?

The West Coast is the Best Coast — we’ve all heard and we’ve heard it for a variety of reasons. For the cannabis enthusiast one of those reasons might just be British Columbia’s claim to fame — having some of the best cannabis around the world. But how did this happen? Let us teach you a little history lesson!

BC bud has become a household name around the world — like Naples is known for its pizza, British Columbia is known for its beautifully cultivated cannabis. 

Looking Back, The History Of BC Bud

To begin our history lesson it is important to understand where and when the term BC bud was first used. What will surprise most is that BC bud wasn’t something you smoked, vaped or rolled — but instead sipped! In 1931 the lager BC Bud was launched and eventually made its way down to the prohibition south. This began the identity that BC bud was connected to something illicit. 

So with the name going around about BC bud — it only made sense that 30 years later the tag and identity was adopted by the cannabis community of BC. Again, we return south of the border to establish this new awakening — a focus on those individuals who were escaping the threat of the Vietnam War. 

These individuals soon made a home in the BC area, enjoying the lax attitudes received by law enforcement – specifically towards smoking weed. BC has been well known for many years for promoting and advocating liberal values which in turn has created a more relaxed environment towards the cannabis community. So it only made sense to take advantage of the culture of the area and with that comes 30 plus years of breeding some of the best bud the world has seen. 

BC bud has now been known to take advantage of all the beautiful landscapes — from growing on the side of a mountain due to appropriate climate, access to fresh waters and perfect sun exposure!

BC Bud

BC Bud Breeders

So the climate is perfect, the attitude is right — but what BC also has that helps it stand out is a passionate community focused on breeding some of the best bud there is! BC bud breeders have recognized that their product is something special, it has that extra quality you just can’t find anywhere else. 

So what makes BC bud stand out? Well simply put, it is high quality. It is no surprise when cultivated in such a perfect setting that the results would be something of the same. BC bud breeders have dedicated years to establish some of the best strains out there and continue to develop best practices. BC cultivators have even been known to show off their skills at both national and international Cannabis cups with fantastic results!

New At Quadzilla Cannabis

BC Bud stands out

When the discussion of legalization started swirling in the media, political campaigns and just general conversation — it was no surprise that shortly after BC bud joined the mainstream cannabis community. Not only does the product stand out, but it is also believed that residents of BC are some of the highest consumers — with an estimated 20% claiming to smoke. 

With BC bud joining the mainstream, we also saw capitalism and finances become a wide focus. People invested heavily into the BC bud crops when it came time for legalization — everyone wanted a piece of the pie!

Final Thoughts

As the cannabis community continues to grow and continues to experiment — there are obvious more players in the game. But there is a strong belief that BC bud will continue to reign supreme. Some focus on BC’s history and dedication to the art of cultivating cannabis — others see it as being part of the culture and therefore part of the BC identity. Either way — BC bud was the best, is the best and will continue being the best!  Quadzilla Offers some of the top weed strains in Canada. Check out our shop! & don’t forget our same day 420 delivery in parts of Ontario, check out our local delivery area.



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