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Schedule35 Microdose Shroom: Unlock Your Creative Potential

Schedule35’s Microdose Shrooms offer a novel approach to psilocybin consumption, intended to enhance creativity and focus without producing disruptive effects. Each pill contains 200mg of Psilocybe Cubensis, a strain well-known for its potent psychedelic properties.


The dosage in these capsules is purposefully low, differing significantly from a recreational dose. The idea behind this ‘microdosing’ practice is to allow users to experience subtle cognitive enhancements and positive psychological changes without the intense psychoactive effects often associated with higher doses of psilocybin.


Users of Schedule35’s Microdose Shrooms often report a range of benefits, including increased focus, clarity, creativity, and empathy. Some also mention heightened sensory awareness and a greater appreciation for aesthetic experiences.

Recommended Use

For optimal results, we recommend taking one capsule every three days or on an as-needed basis. However, it’s important to note that taking psilocybin too frequently may lead to the development of a tolerance, potentially reducing the effectiveness of the microdoses.

For more information on microdosing and its potential benefits, read 10 reasons why you should consider microdosing.

Please note: Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Effects can vary between individuals and may be influenced by factors such as body mass, age, and overall health condition.

9 reviews for Schedule 35 – Microdose Shroom 200mg x 5

  1. Kenzo Takahashi (verified owner)

    This was my first foray into mushrooms and I’ll admit I was VERY hesitant to try this at first. You hear stories growing up about wild trips and all that. But after about a week of just having it at home, I took it before a shift. And I felt fuzzy in about 20-30 minutes. After that initial feeling wore off I felt a ton of energy and listened DeadMau5 for the rest of the day (while working) LOL. It’s supposed to help with focus but I felt more joy and energy, which is also good!

    • Quadzilla Cannabis Admin

      Haha! This is awesome, thank you for the great review!

  2. Maha Abbas (verified owner)

    There’s alot of research on microdosing to help treat depression and complex PTSD by following a microdosing schedule. This is the reason as to why I decided to try this. It’s been two months and I do see quiet some small and significant changes in my mindset. Try it out!

  3. Natalie Behar (verified owner)

    Keeps me very relaxed and happy also Helps with my depression and makes normal boring life routines actually fun 🙂

  4. S McInally (verified owner)

    These really pick you up. Take 1 for a clear head and great mood all day. Or take a couple for a light trip. These are perfect.

  5. Christopher Crumb (verified owner)

    Tried this particular product for the first time.Had it twice now. It’s a perfect micro dose amount for me. I’d recommend it especially if you prefer no mushroom taste in edibles and you want something mellow yet therapeutic. Very good.

  6. Alain Marier (verified owner)

    100% customer service and we are new but satisfied with this product.

  7. Julia Kozak (verified owner)

    I’ve tried these a few times, as there are 5 in the bag. I think I need to try taking 2 at once, as I didn’t really feel much different. Will try again and see what happens.

  8. Michel Roy (verified owner)

    Great service and the dose of 200mg is perfect to calculate the perfect dosage depending of the feeling you wanna have.

  9. Angelina Heidbuurt (verified owner)

    We love it motivates me to clean with adhd

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