Wedding Crasher

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC 29%
CBD 1.80%

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Wedding Crasher: A Sociable and Uplifting Strain

Wedding Crasher is a hybrid strain known for its sociable and uplifting effects. It’s a blend that can give you a significant mental boost, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an energy lift.


The onset of the Wedding Crasher high is almost immediate, imparting a sense of happiness and motivation. Users report an infusion of creative energy and focus that enhances mental clarity and dispels negative feelings or racing thoughts.

What makes Wedding Crasher stand out, though, is the sociability it induces. As your mind soars, you’ll find yourself enveloped in a sense of sociability, energized and ready to engage in conversations.

Thanks to these effects and its high THC level, Wedding Crasher can be an excellent daytime strain, perfect for activities that require focus or social interaction.

Therapeutic Uses

Wedding Crasher can be helpful in treating several conditions. Its mood-boosting effects can assist those dealing with depression or chronic stress, promoting a sense of positivity and focus.

Furthermore, its energizing and uplifting properties can help mitigate mood swings and enhance motivation. It can also help with nausea or appetite loss, making it a useful strain for those undergoing treatments that affect their appetite.

Flavour and Aroma

Wedding Crasher is notable for its appealing flavour profile. Users will notice a sweet and fruity grape berry flavour, complemented by a light vanilla exhale. The aroma mirrors this, but with the addition of an earthy diesel note, creating a unique and satisfying sensory experience.

In summary, Wedding Crasher is an energizing and sociable strain perfect for those seeking to boost their mood, increase their focus, or simply enjoy a unique cannabis experience. Remember to consume responsibly and consider your tolerance level and the environment in which you’re consuming.


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6 reviews for Wedding Crasher

  1. aeshaito (verified owner)

    Great strain! Really boosts creativity and energy

  2. Krunal Kamble (verified owner)

    Good strain.. nice smoke ..

  3. Richard Kreitz (verified owner)

    Great strain!

  4. arif ahmed (verified owner)

    good taste and nice high

  5. Martin Yacobazzo (verified owner)

    Tasty!! Nice stuff

  6. Allana Sukhai (verified owner)

    Euphoric and feeling uplifted. Great strain, easy smoke.

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